Heart on His Sleeve by Marissa Alwin
Valentine Vixens
Ellora’s Cave
Valentine Vixens / Quickie / Medieval
ISBN: 9781419909528
Reviewed by Jo



Waryn Landelle, Duke of Lysky has just come back to his house from battle only to find that his aunt is finishing a Valentine’s Day celebration – drawing names for couples to be sweethearts.  Of course his name is the last to be drawn and he is coupled with Sibil Carlisle.  According to tradition, Waryn must wear her name and ribbon on his sleeve for a year.  The absolute last thing Waryn wants right now is to be dragged into this game, but when he sees Sibil Waryn he is hit with an instant case of lust.  Sibil recognizes Waryn as one of the warriors she helped to nurse back to health and realizes he does not recognize her.  Sibil knows that her family has determined that she should become a nun, but Sibil has a plan of her own before that happens.  She wants to know about love and she wants Waryn to teach her.  Waryn has vowed to never marry again unless he can find someone like the angel he remembers from his sickness. Can Sibil ever compare to a memory?

Heart on His Sleeve combines a strong-headed woman and a man who tries to follow the current social conventions for once.  Sibil is resolved to her future as a nun, but she wants to experience passion and love before that.  Waryn wanted Sibil ever since he first laid eyes on her.  However, according to the social expectations of the day, they should never have had a chance to become a couple.  While trying to fight both of their wants, Waryn begins to wonder if Sibil might be close to the angel of his dreams.  What began as an irritating game became a deep and involving love.  I am not a lover of historicals normally, but I truly enjoyed Heart on His Sleeve and the adventures of Sibil and Waryn. 


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