Heart of a Lion by Kira Stone
Samhain Publishing
ISBN 1-59998-458-X
Reviewed by Rosemary DuBose



Curran Aurick, a castle guard for Duke Luthias, was bathing in the forestís hot springs when Tanis of Appin, the hunt master, came upon him.  The two had an impassioned first encounter.  As Curran and Tanis were parting for the night, Luthias, on his way home from yet another battle with the northern raiders arrives at the springs.  Luthias noticed Curran for the first time and offered him a job in his personal guard, since two of his had died in the battle.  Curran thought his dream to ride beside the Duke into battle had finally come true.  The job soon sours as the lies and deception are revealed.  Tanis is the only man Curran can trust.  As much as Tanis loves Curran, they could lose more than their lives if he got involved. 

Heart of a Lion is a triangle of good and evil.  Kira Stone conveys the sensual love between Curran and Tanis as so tender it almost brought me to tears.  Curran is witty, brave and loves with his whole heart.  Tanis is the strong silent type, willing to let go rather than cause pain to his lover.  Luthias is pure evil, who takes what he wants for his own pleasure.  I enjoyed this tale of a not so merry old England; I look forward to reading more from Kira Stone.


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