Hanging by a Moment by Susie Charles
Were Watching series, Book 2
Ellora’s Cave
Erotic Shape-shifter
ISBN: 9781419911354
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Visiting his vampire friend’s club, Ziggy is bowled over by a woman that walks through the door.  When she walks over to his friend and seems to know him, Ziggy’s werewolf senses come alive.  Smelling her essence makes him aroused immediately and Ziggy knows that if this woman gives any indication that she is up for a bit of loving then he is the wolf to give it to her.

Summer is just now getting out and about after her accident.  The victim of a vengeful and abusive fiancé, she has been on the run for months.  When Ziggy and she dance, she is surprised at how fast and furious her desire for this man is.  So much so that Summer runs from him and the feelings he arouses within her. 

Fate however is on Ziggy’s side because Summer needs a job and he needs an employee.  When danger strikes Summer once again, Ziggy is there to lend his own type of protection – twenty-four hours a day. 

I have been waiting on Ziggy’s story ever since Susie Charles released Candid Camera.  Epitome of the tough alpha male, Ziggy almost made me thrash him more than once.  Not only was he stubborn, but also he refused to see what was in front of his face.  I totally adored him, stubbornness and all.  Summer was just the right heroine for Ziggy.  She loved him but was not afraid to stand up to him.  Her survival depended on her being quick witted and in charge of herself, which she learned to be.  Her characterization was perfect.

Hanging by a Moment is the perfect sequel to Candid Camera.  I thought it well written and the sexuality extremely pleasing.  Ms. Charles has penned a novel of worth with Hanging by a Moment and she now has me anticipating their cousin's downfall with another novel! 


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