Hands On by Amie Stuart
Erotic Contemporary/Menage/Lesbian
ISBN: 0-7582-1892-3
Reviewed by Talia Ricci




A construction safety supervisor by day, Alex or Lexi as she prefers after hours, has had to deal with narrow-mindedness, especially from men, her entire career.  Never mixing business with pleasure, she keeps her private life separate from her job.  So what if she desires job foreman Wade Wilkins?  He is completely off limits to Lexi because of their working together.  That doesnít stop her from wanting him with every ounce of her being and when he happens to watch her in her favorite bar dancing, she canít help but act upon her desires.  Itís just one night, right?



Lanie owns and runs her own automotive shop.  Having a rough week which culminated in sacking two mechanics, she is at her favorite bar looking to alleviate some stress as well as hoping that Jeff, her brotherís friend whom she met the previous week shows up as planned.  When he does, Lanie knows then and there that it is only a matter of time before he succumbs to her charms.  So what if she is blue collar and he isnít? It doesnít matter in the dark, and rebel that Lanie is, she sets out to rock this blue-blooded manís world.



Blessed with the ability to wire anything that needs wiring, electrician Carlotta usually goes for the wild boys. Geeks and quiet men arenít her usual type. That changes in an instant when she runs into a computer nerd unlike anything she has ever experienced before.  Just when she thought her life was figured out, incognito bad boy Devon Fry is just the man to show her that she doesnít always have to be the one in control.  


Talk about wild women! Lexi, Lanie, and Carlotta would give the Desperate Housewives a run for their money.  Each woman is at ease with her own sexual needs and doesnít mind going after what she wants.  Experimentation is just a word to these three naughty nymphs and the men in their lives have no idea what hits them.  I really enjoyed how each novella in the anthology was separate but tied in with the other two stories. 

Amie Stuart has given new meaning to the words, ĎIndependent woman' and I am certain that Hands On will be a big hit.  While some readers may not like some of the homoerotic aspects, I found the writing of Amie Stuart sensual and realistic.  Hands On will leave you panting for more from this talented writer.


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