Haley’s Cabin by Anne Rainey
Samhain Publishing
Red Hots! Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-332-X
Reviewed by Jen



Haley Thorne heads to her secret cabin in the woods for peace and quiet after a nasty divorce.  When a handsome couple knocks at the door, Haley invites them inside and she is tempted into an erotic threesome.  This encounter turns out to be a dream, but next day a wide-awake Haley is shocked when a handsome stranger shows up, for he looks like the man in her dream!

Haley’s Cabin contains hot, explicit sex that takes up the larger part of the book as Haley gradually overcomes her fears of loving again.  The language is cleanly used, sometimes but not overly graphic and the characters are well drawn. Those who like hot reads will enjoy Anne Rainey’s latest work.

While I admired the technical expertise of the writing, enjoyed the characterizations and the humor of the dialogue, I did wish for more of a story.


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