Georgina’s Dragon by Willa Okati
Loose Id
Contemporary Fantasy (M/M/F)
ISBN: 978-1-59632-294-3
Reviewed by Sabella



Georgina has been hiding in plain sight by making herself as ordinary as possible.  Living as “Mary,” a mousy woman that blends into the background, Georgina believes that she has gone unnoticed.  But sometimes life just conspires against her.  These last few years Georgina has been living in fear of what might come, but now the real boogie man is knocking on her door.  However, Georgina will get help from someone from her past, if she can gather the courage to face the evil that is stalking her.

Once upon a time Randall used to date Georgina, but when she disappeared Randall was left behind.  When Randall meets Dakarai, he falls in love but never forgets Georgina.  When the opportunity arises to help Georgina fight against evil, both Randall and Dakarai use the chance to bring her into their lives.  Her success in fighting evil rests in her ability to go back to the person she was before and to accept all the help she can get from Randall and Dakarai.

Will Georgina, Randall and Dakarai be able to manage their roles in battle and blend seamlessly into a relationship?

Georgina’s Dragon is a great book that weaves the elements of an ordinary world with extraordinary elements to create a fantastic reality.  Georgina’s fears and tension were so tangible that I found myself hunching my shoulders along with her.  Her emotional transformation when she joins Randall and Dakarai is wonderful to experience, as we get to watch her become the warrior she was supposed to be.  Also, the characters of Randall and Dakarai are perfect foils for each other, while both being strong confident men.  The love scenes in this book are lava hot, so make sure you have a way to cool off when you pick up this book.  As usual Willa Okati has written another book for the keeper shelf.  You should get Georgina’s Dragon next time you go shopping.


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