Freefall by Aurora Jamison
eXtasy Books
Fantasy/Alien Planet/Space Travel
ISBN: 1-55410-794-6
Reviewed by Tanya



Felice Marsh is an accountant for a large spaceship manufacturer.  This manufacturer was notified of an upcoming audit so they are looking at the books ahead of time.  Felice is almost at the end of the pre-audit when she notices some things that are just not really adding up.  But, before she is able to investigate it further she is awarded the vacation of a lifetime aboard a pleasure cruise ship.  She must take the trip now or lose it, and turns the audit over to another co worker.

There is one drawback to the trip she has to take it with the secretary, aka mistress, of the CEO.  Felice decides to make the most of the trip and is drawn to a dark and mysterious man.  While sneaking off with the man the ship is taken over by space pirates and she is taken to another planet and is being sold as a sex slave.  The interesting thing is that the CEO’s woman doesn’t seem to be being treated as badly as she is.  Not only that but, everyone keeps telling her maybe she has some information that will get her released.

When she is rescued by the same dark man she was with on the ship will she be safer with him or the slavers?  What does everyone really want with her?  Can she trust her desires and her heart?

Freefall has some very hot and erotic sex scenes that play in well with the overall story. While the characters were well developed I felt that the story dragged on a bit in the middle third of the book while being fast paced in the first and last thirds.  This bothered me as a reader but, I kept with it and enjoyed the overall book and am glad I finished the story.  I think that many people will like the story of Freefall, not may heroines are accountants after all.


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