Forget Ever After by Kallysten
Alinar Publishing
ISBN: 1-906023-23-9
Reviewed by Klarissa



Never having given up hope of find her fiancé who disappeared, Lena trudges on with her life looking at the picture of Liam at her bedside when she can.  She continues on with her life, because she knew Liam would want her to finish school and become a doctor.

Leaving her studies behind for one night, Lena goes to a costume party with her friend.  They end up a club frequented by vampires.  Lena is uneasy about it, but her fears are quickly quieted.  As she begins to enjoy herself Lena is encountered by another man.  One who looks suspiciously like her missing fiancé.

Forget Ever After is not a traditional romance, but one you’ll find almost equally as satisfying.  This is a short story and I don’t want to give away any details; but every sentence is a buildup to the next.  Let me just say that Lena and Liam are both great characters you’ll want to read about.


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