For Love and Money by G.A. Hauser
Linden Bay Romance
GLBT Contemporary Romance (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-60202-041-2
Reviewed by Sabella



Jason Phillips is miserable.  A year ago he left his lover, Ewan Gallagher, bowing to the pressures of his family in order to come into a significant amount of money.  Now, he is married and in possession of a large sum of money, but his life is hell.  Jason lives hating his wife and the circumstances that brought them together, while enjoying the money and missing Ewan.

Ewan Gallagher has gone to LA to live his dream to become a famous actor.  Now, after a year he is a rising star, but Ewan is starting to see how unglamorous the life of an actor really is and realizing how much he misses Jason.

When Ewan and Jason meet when Ewan is in England for a movie premier, they have a second chance at their relationship; will they be able to make it work?  Or will money keep them apart for good?

In this sophomoric tale, For Love and Money, we get to watch Ewan and Jason stumble through a minefield of their own making.  All the characters are unashamedly greedy and display the emotional maturity of teenager “drama queens.”  At times I felt like I was reliving my teen-age years where all tragedies were worthy of heart-felt tears and raging against fate.  What stopped this from becoming truly funny, in a farcical way, were the characters taking themselves and their greed so seriously.  If you are able to over-look characters with the depth of a rain puddle, you might enjoy this book.


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