Firestarter by Georgia Tribell
New Concepts Publishing
Futuristic Romance
Reviewed by Niniri



Miranda's dedication to seeing her best friend's murderer standing to face justice and her knowledge of historical statutes leads her to invoke an ancient law—one that will spare Grady from immediate execution, provided he marries her. 

And if she still can't stand the man as much as she's persuaded herself she does, why does his touch still make her tingle with a heat that's got nothing to do with his pyrokinetic abilities?

Grady and Miranda have seven days to solve a murder mystery and discover who really killed her best friend.  Should be a cinch for a legal expert on historical litigations and a secret agent, right?  Now if they could just keep their minds on the case!

Grady and Miranda are like fire and ice in Firestarter, complete opposites that experience a seemingly irrational and magnetic attraction.  The chemistry between these unlikely mates is incredible, yet they also manage to move past the baggage of their previous falling out and discover that each has grown far more than the other had believed possible.

Ms. Tribell has created a dynamic pair, who’s past failures and hurts add depth and interest to the circumstances under which they marry.  I enjoyed discovering the twists and turns of their relationship and the future in which they live.


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