Firebreather by Marie Harte
Amber Heat
Shapeshifter/Fantasy/Voyeurism/Ménage[M/F/M]/Group Sex/Bisexuality[M/M]
ISBN-13: 978-1-59279-676-2
Reviewed by Niniri



Lea Venlay has been fascinated with dragons all her life, be it literary, artistic, or the very real dragon clan of shifters that reside near her family's art gallery.  Ferin Dekker is the wealthy scion of an old southern family with an even older feud with the Venlays—and he's got a few secrets that he'd rather no one uncovered, especially not the intriguing daughter of his people's enemy.

Ferin steals Lea away to his mountain home.  Insatiably curious about why she captivates him as she does.  Lea, in turn, can hardly believe that she's been abducted from her own home by a man that's been haunting her sensual dreams. He's Dracon, and she's sure he'd as soon silence her with something other than kisses if he learned the extent of her books and research regarding his kind.

Lea finds she's in for a few surprises, because Ferin doesn't mind her secrets, even to the point that he's very willing to teach her more about his people and their customs. In spite of Lea's extensive studies, she discovers a great deal more about their mysterious ways than she'd ever thought possible—and learns that the most priceless treasure of all is love.

Ms. Harte pens a very spicy tale of rivalry and polyamory that's bound to curl anyone's toes. There's intrigue and family hijinks that twist and turn as many ways as a dragon can, yet Firebreather doesn't loose sight of what's important: two people putting aside an age old feud and family prejudices to find the truth of love and set things straight.


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