Finding Sarah by Terry Odell
Cerridwen Press
ISBN: 9781419907821
Romance Suspense
Reviewed by Indy



After the purported suicide of her husband Sarah Tucker finds herself a year later just barely hanging on to the business they started together. With an already tight budget facing red more than black getting robbed is the last things she needs. The detective sent to investigate her case is the same one who suggested she hire a private eye to investigate the situation revolving around her late husbandís death. Together Sarah and Randy look for clues to what should be a basic robbery but turns into a life threatening battle for her life.

A sucker for cops, I couldnít wait to get my hands on what looked like a rather interesting story if the blurb was anything to go by. The heroine in Finding Sarah got brownie points right away for her commitment to making her shop a thriving reality even in the face of some of the worst case of bad luck a business owner could face. The detective Randy had to be one of the nicest cops in the world. Talk about a man who didnít live up to the stereotypes of men in his chosen field. It didnít take long after the first couple of chapters however to guess who the person responsible is and that resulted in the rest of the book being more like a long drawn out sensual romance with no suspense. Not to take away from the romantic aspects of the story which were rather sweet and touching, I just need for suspense to have moments of surprise and drawn out plots that twists my mind like a pretzel, sad to say but this wasnít provided. Iím still interested in reading more of Ms. Terry Odellís future works in hopes that with a bit of tweaking when Iím in the mood for a great suspense her work will immediately come to mind.


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