Faithless by Yolanda Sfetsos
Silk’s Vault
Erotic Paranormal
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Alyce Kerr is a faith healer and former practicing witch.  Under the control of a powerful and ruthless demon, every time she uses her magic to heal someone, the demon claims more from her than just the sickness she healed.  He is slowly but surely claiming her humanity and soul.  If that isn’t enough, Alyce continues to be stalked by Ross Garcia, her former fiancé and the only man that she has ever loved. 

This Silk’s Vault stunner is well, stunning.  Alyce was a witch that dabbled in the dark arts and in doing so, condemned herself to a lifetime of servitude to a creature that is malicious and evil.  Her former fiancé was not at all what he seemed and his protection of Alyce was heroic and loyal. 

Faithless packs a powerful punch and I enjoyed reading this story. 


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