Eye Spy by Drew Zachary
Torquere Press
Gay Paranormal
ISBN: 1-60370-018-8
Reviewed by Cassie



DB Black is a PI with a few problems.  Business is so slow he had to let his secretary go, almost all his cases deal with cheating spouses, and he shares his office with a ghost, Jesse, that wonít leave.  At least Jesse helps him with his cases, though, doing surveillance in places he canít go.  When a woman comes in with yet another cheating husband case, he and Jesse go to work.  What they discover sets off a chain of events neither of them could have predicted.

Eye Spy is a wonderful read.  Funny, sarcastic DB is a great character, and I absolutely loved the clever, sweet, and playful Jesse.  The case they investigated spiraled from routine to out of control quickly, with plenty of action to keep my interest.  The love scenes are inventive, hot, and sweet all at the same time.  As I read the story, I became increasingly attached to DB and Jesse.  I sympathized with their frustration as their feelings for each other grew, and I really wanted a happy ending for them.  Some ghost romances resort to cheesy contrivances to get a happy ending, but Eye Spy isnít one of them.  I found the ending both satisfying and realistic, and it left me hoping I would get to read more about the PI and the ghost sometime in the future.  Drew Zachary is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.  If youíre looking for a quick paranormal read thatís hot, emotional, and different, pick up Eye Spy ASAP!


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