Everglades Wildfire by Isabelle Drake
Elloraís Cave
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 9781419909849
Reviewed by Tanya



Amber Hill has returned to Florida to the home of alligator rancher Rick because she needs his help to finish her graduate degree.  She needs the man who rocked her world the previous summer to sign a release to let her use the data they collected for her thesis.  She has also come to get Rick out of her mind and heart.  She is supposed to be marrying Christopher as soon as she gets this done.  But, things are not as simple as she had planned them to be, and can she keep her heart from getting involved?

To try and hurt Amber as she hurt him by just walking away at the end of last summer he reveals most of his history he told her is a lie.  He takes her to the plantation next door and it is quickly revealed that while he hasnít been there in three years this is his home.  Not only that but his younger brother was just released from prison and is home.  The problem is that Amber doesnítí seem to run screaming away but is pulled in further.  So he makes a deal with her for the research.  She has to pretend to be his fiancť for one week.  Will either of them be able to walk away this time?

Everglades Wildfire is a wonderful story about a woman who thinks she knows what she wants, but may find out what she thinks is not what her heart wants.  Ms. Drake also adds a little family history and suspense into the story and she definitely knows how to write a hot scene.  Everglades Wildfire is a fun read with a bit of Florida you donít usually hear about.


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