Edge of Ecstasy by Tianna Xander
eXtasy Books
Erotic Fantasy
Reviewed by Tera



Mairy is elated when she is chosen to be the May Queen for the May Day festivities, where every man in the village will have her in hopes of getting her with child in order to bring prosperity to the village. Itís the solution to the problem she finds herself facing after she gives herself to her betrothed before their wedding day. How was she supposed to know he was going to go out on a hunting excursion and not return? Besides, after knowing what the experience of sex feels like, sheís looking forward to being given to every man in the village.

I didnít dislike Edge of Ecstasy, but I didnít feel that it had much substance. I would have been pleased to see that it was much longer than twenty-seven pages. It felt like everything was smooshed too compactly to really get into what was going on. Had there been more leading up to the festival, the anticipation would have been a wonderful addition to the story. The sex came on too fast, too sudden to even get into it. The premise of the story is a great one, I just think that had it been embellished upon and only been half of the plot, it would have had a much greater effect. With only adding a few more ideas and stretching the story out, this would have been a great read.


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