Dragul Dawn by Marie Treanor
Dragul Rising, Book 1
Changeling Press
ISBN: 978-1-59596-701-5
Reviewed by Indy



As earthís inhabitants learn to deal with the after effects of a nuclear holocaust, humans and mutants must also learn how to live among each other in amity. Trying to find land that is viable scientists from the Dome and the City of the Damned are in the process of sampling soil from an area they assume is uninhabited. Beth a hybrid daughter of a shifter and vampire couple is a mutant scientist accompanying the team when she happens upon a winged boy, what looks to be a mutant in a place where no one should be. Aurel, the Keeper of the Laws for the Dragul race comes to fetch the young boy and Beth is hit by the fact that the winged man who has been a permanent part of her dreams is the man before her. Part of Aurelís job is to keep his people safe and their identity a secret. Having dealt with humans before his people understand the viciousness of the human soul. Not above using any means in his arsenal Bethís own desires may be her downfall as she comes to know and understand the Dragul race and Aurel.

Blood drinking, shapeshifting winged beings that are intelligent, culturally advanced and last but not least able to read your inner most secret thoughts and desires. I think that about sums up the race of super beings in Dragul Dawn a new series Iím sure will garner a lot of attention. Marie Treanor went all out in her creation of a futuristic world filled with every supernatural being anyone could think of. Beth and Aurelís dance of desire was intriguing considering outside of his physical reactions the connection seemed one sided when it came to the emotions attached. I was happy to see when the story finally evolved into a shared love connection that went beyond lust. Iím curious to see how this world will evolve as more mutants and humans become aware there are higher beings on the chain of evolution.


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