Dragon’s Captive by Emma Petersen
Dragon Kin Series
Cobblestone Press
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60088-127-5
Reviewed by Bella



Brighid O’Sinach is a member of a Dragon Clan, who’s been captured by Ry, the member of another Clan.  She should be angry that she’s bound, helpless, not in control.  Instead, she is aroused by his dominance.  Whether he’s bringing her to ecstasy through the burn of pain or pleasure, she’s captivated by his touch.

Ry takes her body time and time again.  As he shows her more of her own Dragon Kin powers, he takes her heart.  But does he want her heart, and will he give her his own in return?

Dragon’s Captive is a breathless tale of the battle between struggle and surrender.  Brighid and Ry are characters that are at once, fiercely competent and passionately vulnerable.  I enjoyed glimpsing into their world.  Their emotions were palpable, carrying me along with them through passion, anger, sadness and joy.  Emma Petersen did a great job with this story and I look forward to reading other stories in her Dragon Kin series.


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