Dragonfire by Sherrill Quinn
Amber Heat
Shapeshifter / Paranormal / Ménage [M/F/M]
ISBN 978-1-59279-675-5
Reviewed by Sharon



Leilani “Lani” Aster and her sister, Melantha, are in a boatload of trouble.  Evil wizard Gerszon has broken free of his tomb and has promised retribution on the descendants of the wizard who imprisoned him twenty-five hundred years ago.  Those remaining descendants just happen to be Lani and Melantha. Although blessed with powers, they have nowhere near the abilities of their ancestors. 

But all is not lost for our intrepid heroine, Lani, and her sidekick sister.  Long ago, the Dragon Order pledged to protect the Aster line.  Lani normally would not hesitate to call on them for help, but the leader of the order, the Rastaban, is Aleksandar “Zander” Lyaksandro – Lani’s former lover.  The same lover who threw her and her love away two years ago once he discovered her in what appeared to be a compromising position with another man, all without allowing her to explain the circumstances.

Unaware that Lani needs his help, Zander now returns to claims his woman and swears to forgive Lani for betraying him.  But his plans go astray once he learns of Gerszon’s reappearance and Leilani’s refusal to entrust her love to Zander’s care.

The first chapter sets the tone for Dragonfire – damn hot, which is fitting considering Zander and the other dragons of this order breath fire.  Zander comes in and proceeds to consume, um, love Lani up against the wall.  But even though Zander makes her wet while getting her hot, Lani is no pushover and she makes Zander work for her love.  There was one point in the story where I thought Lani had lapsed into a TSTL heroine, but I was wrong, thankfully.  

As a secondary character, Melantha has her own love interest, Terik Pallas, Zander’s second-in-command.  They were so interesting, I would have loved to have read more about them as well.  Lani and Zander make a hot couple and Dragonfire is an enjoyable read.


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