Dragon Lord by Kaitlyn OíConnor
New Concepts Publishing
Fantasy/Shape Shifting
Reviewed by Tanya



Raina is a woman in her mid 20ís who is still searching for what she wants to do with her life.  She has tried many jobs and none of them seem to be the right fit.  She decides to apply as a domestic servant on a remote island estate.  The first thing she notices when on the estate is that it looks like it is right out of an old English romance complete with dark wood and dark brooding servants.  She is instructed to never talk to, meet the eyes of, or stay in the room of the master of the house, Simon Draken.  But when she is confronted with him on the stairs she is drawn into the unfamiliar eyes as well as his aura.  She is shocked into silence before she bolts.

Raina is also humored by the fact that all of the employees are named very simple names such as Mr. Smith, Mr. Green and Mr. Jones, but none of them speak much English at all.  When Mr. Smith tries to fix her plumbing she finds herself soaked and in his arms.  When he offers his room, she ends up taking him up on it.  Mr. Smith is actually Simon Drakenís half brother and chief guard.  Simon is a dragon lord from a far away planet who has been banished after tragedy overcomes him, and his younger brother takes over the throne in a coup.

When Simon and Raina canít fight their attraction any longer will they become Ďfriends with benefitsí or much more, and where does this leave Mr. Smith, who is also drawn to Raina?  Add to this the need for Simon to return home and take back the throne, a dastardly current dictator and Rainaís growing love for both Simon and Mr. Smith and you have one hot story.

Kaitlyn OíConnor again writes a sassy fun heroine in Dragon Lord.  She continues to give me women characters who donít take too much crap and who have a great sense of humor, even when they are feeling down.  Dragon Lord also boasts a number of hunky men that are what fantasies are made out of.  I loved reading about Simon and how he comes to terms with not only his leadership issues but the death of his first wife.  Dragon Lord also throws in some shape shifting and space travel, it will not disappoint you.


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