Double Trouble by Jennifer McKenzie
Divine Intervention, Book Two
Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 978-1-60088-125-1
Reviewed by Bella March



Widow Elizabeth Muldoon has let her body go.  She’s gained weight and rarely leaves the house.  The only thing she looks forward to is her daily visit by her husband’s best friend, Jerod.  Jerod has always loved Elizabeth and tells her one day that she’s falling apart.  She reacts with anger and kicks him out of her life.

A year later and several dress sizes smaller, Elizabeth looks great and has involved herself in her twin teenage boys’ lives to the hilt.  When Jerod comes back into her life as well, he is determined to show her he loves her and will not let her go.  The twins aren’t so sure and they’ll do what they can to test Jerod, the man who, when he left Elizabeth a year ago, left them too.  It’s a good thing they all have guardian angels, angels who are doing their best to make sure the soulmates come together for good.

I really enjoyed Double Trouble.  Jennifer McKenzie did a fabulous job with a well-developed storyline and creating characters that are real, friends that you can relate to and cheer for.  I was drawn into their world from the first page.  The guardian angel subplot was a delightful addition.  They made me laugh as they plotted and schemed.  Double Trouble is a well-deserved success for Ms. McKenzie, I can’t wait to see what she’ll come up with next!


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