Dolphin Dreams by Jules Jones
Loose Id
BDSM Contemporary Paranormal (M/M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-59632-383-4
Reviewed by Sabella



Martin is hurting, so he has decided to retreat to Simonís beach house to mend his broken heart.  While there, he takes advantage of Simonís small boat to explore the coast and indulge in his geologistís curiosity.  During his explorations, he comes upon a pair of dolphins that are very interested in his chocolate and seem entertained by his practice lectures, his music and the books that he reads aloud.  They make soothing company for Martin, as he can talk to them without concern of their reaction or dealing with pity he doesnít want.  The dolphins rescue Martin when he is caught in a nasty storm. During the rescue Martin ends up with a concussion and the shock of his life when he finds himself with two men instead of dolphins in his refuge.  Now, will Martin pass off what he saw as a hallucination or will he go back to see if it was real?

Dolphin Dreams is a story with an interesting premise that somehow loses some of its appeal as you get into the book.  But Jules Jones draws his characters so well that you want to go along with them on their journey if only to see how they end up.  However, at times the story itself is a little tedious because it includes so many mundane details.  The D/S involved was very light, but the story is not for the faint of heart as there are sex scenes while in shifted form.  Jules Jones manages to handle difficult topics with ease, which allows you to understand situations which you normally wouldnít accept.


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