Devilís Food Kate by Darragha Foster
Teaching Old Gods New Tricks, Book 3
Liquid Silver Books
ISBN 1-59578-260-5
Reviewed by Cassie



Kate Tabor, pastry chef and owner of the Naughty Bits erotic bakery, has sworn off men.  Her resolve is tested, however, when sexy older man Odin Borsson comes into her shop.  What she doesnít know is that Odin is really the Norse God Odin, and she herself has some divine blood.  Will working a very special catering job and spending time with Odin awaken her latent memories?  And if it does, will she still want to be with him afterward?

I found Devilís Food Kate refreshing because although the Greek gods and goddesses have many stories out there, I havenít read many about their Norse counterparts.  Learning a bit about Norse mythology as I read was a neat bonus.  Thereís even a glossary of terms and gods/goddesses for those who are interested in learning more.  Independent, modern Kate and lonely yet alpha Odin (who was rather stuck in the glory days of the past) were intriguing characters.  I enjoyed reading about the coming together of these two very different people.  My only real quibble with this one, in fact, was Odinís behavior near the end.  His determination to return things to the old ways was annoying, and when Kate was working to convince him I felt the urge to kick him in the shin a few times.  When they finally worked things out it happened so quickly it seemed abrupt.  Still, Devilís Food Kate is a fun paranormal about some rather neglected gods and goddesses, and I applaud Darragha Foster for choosing such an interesting cast of characters! 

*Note: While this is book 3 of a series, I felt it stood alone quite well, as promised in the Authorís Note at the beginning of the book.*


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