Destiny’s Cowboy by Kendra Mei Chailyn
Amira Press
Reviewed by Rosemary



Rancher Gage Everette is a former player who was forced to come home when his abusive father died owing major debts on the ranch.  Running away from her boyfriend to save her child from injury, Jasmine Cole and her daughter Kleo stumbled upon a stranger’s house and banged on the door, seeking refuse. The home belonged to Gage Everette, who took them in. 

Destiny’s Cowboy is a touching story of three people learning to overcome the pain of the past and heal the scars through love.  My heart went out to Gage, who understood how it felt to be dejected.  He was determined to protect Kleo from that pain he knew so well.  Jasmine’s life was ruled by fear for her daughter.  Being a young child, Kleo did not have all of the hang ups suffered by the adults, she not only received love, she gave love just a easily and it was Kleo who taught Gage and Jasmine to trust again.  Kendra Mei Chailyn did an excellent job creating a heart-warming story.  I enjoyed Destiny’s Cowboy so much, I wanted more.


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