Desire’s Storm by Trixie Stilletto
Amber Heat
Erotic Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-59279-636-6
Reviewed by Georgia



Convinced by his family to take a break from his hectic job as the CEO of the family company, millionaire Greg Voite is stuck on his yacht in the middle of the ocean when the freak storm hit.  The tiny island where he awakens is beautiful but the woman who finds him, Alena, is even more so.  Greg enjoys the woman and the simple island life.  But when he is determined to get back home and return to Desirata to develop the area and build a resort, Alena must reveal the island and her secrets.  Will their new relationship withstand the upcoming confrontation?

Greg and Alena are two completely different characters yet with many similarities.  Both are strong, aware of their responsibilities and willing to go after what they want, yet they have different views on what is truly important in life.  I enjoyed getting to know these two and watching as their relationship developed.  The chemistry between these two is enough to heat up any room and only gets better as the book progresses.  Delve into this fantastic fantasy and enjoy Desire’s Storm.


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