Dear John by Cassidy Kent
Amber Heat
ISBN-13: 978-1-59279-670-0 (Electronic)
Reviewed by Cassie



After ten years, Dane Harley is finally back in her hometown.  She reconnects with her best friend from high school and plans to go to the class reunion.  On a bet, she calls her old flame, John Stratton, who she dumped with a “Dear John” letter ten years before.  She and John reconnect as well, but there are still obstacles keeping them apart.  Will they be able to make things work this time, or are they destined to break each other’s hearts again?

 Dear John was one of those reads that seemed like it could be really great, but somehow fell short.  The book was well written, with hot sex scenes and believable dialogue.  The back-story between Dane and John was explained fairly well, and Dane’s past made her actions understandable, for the most part.  There was one big exception to that, however.  Despite believing John was married, she slept with him several times.  As one of the characters points out near the end, asking a few questions could have solved all the problems!  While the story was fairly entertaining, I kept feeling like I’d seen all of this before.  I really wanted to see the story step outside the box, but it never did.  Still, if you like stories in which former lovers reconnect, you’ll probably like Dear John.


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