Deadly Inheritance by Jayelle Drewry
Reviewed by Tanya



Gabrielle is convinced the only good thing about returning to her step fatherís castle is that he is no longer there.  Somehow she has inherited his estate and must stay there until it is settled.  The castle does not hold many fond memories for her, but intrigued by the country she decides to take the time and do what is necessary to settle the estate.  Though once there she wonders if she will be able to handle the rudeness of the servants as well as the memories the castle bring back.  She's also puzzled about her sudden lust for the stranger that is touring her around town and what happened to her in the basement that caused her to fall down the stairs.

Ivan and his brother Erik Tepes have been imprisoned in an iron room under a mansion for years by a crazy relative.  They are only fed once a month, and only enough to keep them barely alive.  Suddenly Ivan hears someone outside of their cage and gets Gabrielle to open their door.  Unfortunately bloodlust and hunger drive him to attack her, after almost killing her he decides to turn her, rather than let her die.  But, will he be able to get her to accept what she has become and to forgive him?

I enjoyed the premise behind Deadly Inheritance, a vampire with a conscience how could you go wrong.  Jayelle sets an easy pace to the flow of the story and manages to put a lot of the history of Draculaís legend in the book.  If you are a vampire fan then Deadly Inheritance is a story you will enjoy.


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