Dark Lord Seeks Friendship, Maybe More by Elisa Viperas
Fantasy, M/M
ISBN: 978-1-60370-044-3
Reviewed by Tanya



Valenth is known as the Dark Lord as he rules by the principals of evil.  Though, since he has started his rule there have been a lot of improvements including a sewer system and the economy etc.  The interesting thing about Valenth is that with all of this success including the need for bodyguards and close advisors he is very lonely.

He desires to have what so many want in life, a person to share his time and passions with.  When set ups with men brought forward by his bodyguard and chief advisor go disastrously wrong he decides to put an add in a local paper, a sort of personal ad.  Unfortunately the response is sparse and many are initially excluded.  At the same time this is happening someone seems to be arming the Forces of Light to move against the Dark Lord.  Will he be able to find his companion as well as keep his kingdom?

Dark Lord Seeks Friendship, Maybe More was a fast paced light-hearted comedy romance story that I loved.  It was my first m/m book and the right one to choose.  I really liked the almost slapstick comedy of Elisa Viperasís writing, such as when the Dark Lord is trying to decide if he should just fire a servant or launch them from a cannon.  I found the characters very well written and fun.  If you are looking for a fast paced medieval fantasy m/m romance you should look for this one at Torquere Press.


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