Cupidís Shaft by Desiree Holt
Valentine Vixens
Elloraís Cave
 Valentine Vixens / Quickie / Light Bondage / Contemporary
ISBN: 1-4199-0893-4
Reviewed by Jo



Jessie Rawlins just doesnít want to deal with another Valentineís Day alone after being dumped by her lover just before it.  So Jessie heads to her vacation cabin in the mountains.  Jessie is surprised by a snowstorm there, however that is the least of the surprises that she finds.  Riley Malone has just left his entire life behind him and driven off into the night.  He travels up a mountain road until the snowstorm stalls his car and Riley has to find a place to stay.  Much to his relief and surprise, Riley stumbles upon a naked woman in a nice warm cabin.

Cupidís Shaft shows that sometimes you just need to open yourself to adventure to find what you need.  Jessie has been dumped for a leggy blond just days before Valentineís Day, and retreats to her cabin with a bag of toys and fantasies.  Riley has had it with his current life and just decides to start over from scratch wherever the road takes him.  Riley knows just how to use Jessieís bag of toys when he discovers them.  One night in a snowstorm leads to discoveries neither had ever expected but always hoped for.   I loved how easily and naturally Jessie and Riley came together.  It was wonderful to watch them reach for the unknown with each other.  Cupidís Shaft will have you taking another look at those toys that are hidden in your room, and help you remember that sometimes the best gifts are the simplest.


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