Cowgirl Up, by Deirdre O’Dare
Amber Heat
Contemporary Romance / Western
ISBN: 978-1-60272-054-1
Reviewed by Tanya



Tabby Conrad has joined her brother on the rodeo circuit as a bull rider.  She and her brother have both escaped the strict upbringing of her preacher father.  She has taken to champion bull riding since she doesn’t have a horse or trailer for some of the easier rodeo sports.  Her brother and his buddy can sometimes be a bit to over protective which she resents, even though she doesn't have nowhere near the reputation of some cowgirls.

Wes lost both his father and older brother in the bull ring and has taken to being a rodeo clown to help save the riders.  He has been attracted to Tabby for years.  When they finally have the opportunity to get hot and heavy together he pushes the need for Tab to retire from bull riding and she rebels and storms off.  The problem is does she really want to keep Wes out of her life?  And how many more years does she really want to ride bulls?

Cowgirl Up is spicy read with lots of emotions packed in.  I enjoyed the story even though there were a few editing errors that caused me to lose the flow of it momentarily, I still wanted to finish and see where Wes and Tab ended up.  I think this author has a great grasp of her genre and Cowgirl Up is a nice addition to her portfolio.


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