Stormclouds by Dallas Coleman

A tornado rips though Tracy McBrideís ranch soon after his lover Dwayne leaves him. Tracy feels like heís lost everything, until someone he least expects, comes back to help.

Stormclouds is heartbreaking then heartwarming.  Itís tragic then beautiful.  I just love this story.  Tracy is wonderful and even if Dwayne did make me sad for a bit, I still liked him a lot too.


Above Snakes by AM Riley

Jacob Cole and Samuel Lenkins are cowboys herding some cattle from Texas.  Samuel gets into fights and is having a rough time of things, so Jacob takes him under his wing and that suits Samuel just fine.

Above Snakes is tender and sexy with all the rough and tough that hard working cowboys have to offer.  Itís a great story.


Adding Money by Chris Owen

Gideon Smith and Nick DeShane are both competitors in the rodeo.  Nick is out but Gideon isn't.  Gideon is competing with his brother, Justice, at this particular rodeo and heís worried heíll find out heís gay.

Adding Money has two sexy cowboys and a romantic storyline.  Justice is a great guy as well.  I like how this story plays out.


Dry Bones by Parhelion

Josiah Lewis meets Nathan Wycliffe Parr in town when Parr is looking for help collecting and bringing back some archeological bones.  Joss brings Parr back to meet his friend Ox and discovers that Parr and Ox know each other.  The journey proves fruitful in the discoveries Joss makes about himself and Ox.

Ox is a brooding and intelligent man and Joss is simple and sweet.  I enjoyed watching their relationship change in Dry Bones.


The Good Life by Sean Michael

Jack Henneson has inherited his uncle Billy's ranch.  Jack knows nothing about ranching so he plans to sell it.  Pacer Williamson was uncle Bill's main ranch hand.  His whole life is the ranch.  Jack and Pacer canít agree on anything and can't stand to be near each other either but one cold Christmas brings them together.

I really enjoyed watching Pacer and Jack butt heads throughout this story.  I was really anxious to see them get together.  Even though Iím not sure that Pacer and Jack are romantically involved, The Good Life has a nice satisfying ending.


Mail Order Bride by Eumenides

Brand Keith is waiting on his mail order bride to arrive on the train when Pat arrives, but Patrick Forrester is not a woman.  Brand has Patrick come home with him to work off his debt.  He gets more than a tutor for his daughter and help with his land when Patrick comes to stay though.

Mail Order Bride takes a common theme for its time period and turns it into something else entirely.  It's a great story.  Brand and Patrick are wonderful men and their story is full of strife, love and passion.


Surrender by Jourdan Lane

Dale Marshall has loved his friend Brandt for years but Brandt is straight.  One night things change for the men, but Brandtís actions may have created more trouble than happiness.

Surrender is full of passion, emotion and angst.  My heart ached for Dale and then for Brandt.  This romantic, sexy and heart warming story is wonderful.


The Gaucho Code by Julia Talbot

Peter Schrader is on the run when he stumbles into Jorge's life.  When trouble finds Pete again his past threatens to ruin the happiness heís finally found.

The Gaucho Code has a little suspense, a little passion and a lot of romance.  Itís a good story.


This Legacy in My Hands by Vic Winter

Ben Sams loved Wade with everything he had.  He wasn't sure how Wade felt about him until he learned the hard way that you donít know what you have until it's gone.

This Legacy in My Hands is a moving and thought provoking story.  I cried after reading it.  It made my heart hurt but it made me happy too.  Itís beautiful.


Barn Dance by BA Tortuga

Zeke is playing his fiddle at the barn dance when Red Farr notices him.  Their attraction leads them down the same road which leads them to even more.

Zeke and Red have such charming and sexy southern drawls and Barn Dance is a really tender and passionate story. 


Cowboy Up has lots of sexy cowboys and stories full of emotion.  They are romantic, passionate and moving.  Itís a terrific anthology.


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