Colorado Gold by Sarah Black
Loose Id
Multicultural Erotic Military Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59632-415-2
Reviewed by Tera



Jessica works in the mess hall for the Marines, currently stationed in Iraq. Since being there, she has met Brian, a Recon soldier. On a mission together, Brian finds an IED under Jessicaís vehicle and makes an attempt to save her and another mess hall soldier, Cheri. The IED detonates and Jessica is left feeling guilty for the injury and horror around her, wondering if she and Brian will ever see each other again and what their chances together are if they do.

Brian has known from the moment he saw Jessica that he wants her. After finally admitting it, they have to face the toughest challenges ever. Will Jessica ever forgive him for not being able to fully protect her?

Colorado Gold was an extremely heartwarming story. It really pulled at my heartstrings and touched me immensely, though Iím sure part of that is that my brother is currently serving in Baghdad. But for those without family, friends, and lovers currently overseas, you will be touched as well. I think the fact that this is such a current issue makes it more powerful. The author really had a good grasp of the anguish, pain, and guilt these two were going through and the changes in their lives that would last a lifetime. The only thing I was unsure of was the somewhat uncomfortable conversation between Jess and Brian. During their conversations it felt like they were two people who barely knew each otheróI felt that they would have been at a completely different comfort level. But barring that, this was a great story that will touch everyone who reads it.


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