Chosen Prey by Cheyenne McCray
St. Martinís Press
Contemporary Suspense Romance
ISBN: 0-312-93762-8
Reviewed by Lyonene



After Lyra Collinís father was killed when she was thirteen in a police bust gone bad, her mother was talked into joining a cult called The Temple of Light by its Prophet, Neil Barker.  For three years Lyra lived in fear of the day she turned eighteen and would be forced to become one of Neilís wives.  Lyra escaped before she could be forced into a farce of a marriage and has been on the run now for five years from the cult. 

Being a private investigator has been the main focus of Dare Lancasterís life since he left the police force after the death of his partner.  Taking the job of finding Lyra Collins ended up being a lot more than he expected.  Protecting Lyra from the Temple of Light was now his responsibility since they found her because of him.  There was another danger to him, though. He could very well lose his life along with his heart to this strong, yet fragile woman.

Cheyenne McCray is one of my favorite authors.  One of the reasons why is that she spins a tale so vividly that I always feel as if Iím right there, living the story along with the characters.  Chosen Prey lured me in so deeply that I could feel the pain that Lyra experiences.  I did like both Lyra and Dare, loved Nick and loved to hate Neil, Mark and Adam.  Both the story and the characterization are rich in detail and emotion.  The only problem that I had with Chosen Prey was that during the five years that Lyra was on the run, she never truly learned how to defend herself against being taken, though I do have to say she did learn how to disappear and hide extremely well.


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