Chosen by Amelia Elias
The Guardians’ League, Book Three
Samhain Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-444-X
Reviewed by Georgia



When Alexa London accepted the dare at her friend’s bachelorette party, she never expected it to completely change her life.  Who would ever believe that asking to give the hottest guy in the bar a body shot could lead to her being Chosen?

As the patriarch for New Orleans’ Arachnid Clan, Gareth Ambrocio wields considerable power.  Still, the only thing he’s ever truly wanted was the little dhampyr – half vampire, half human – who approached him in the bar.  Claiming First Right, Gareth begins to court her as a possible mate as well as assisting her with dealing with the pain from her Divergence, a pain that every dhampyr faces before choosing life as a vampire or a human. 

Will Alexa be able to accept her heritage before it’s too late?  How will she react when she discovers Gareth’s secret?

Vampire lovers will once again enjoy the adventures of The Guardians’ League in Gareth and Alexa’s story.  The two main characters grow throughout the story, learning more about each other and themselves while the readers continue to learn about the vampires and their origins.  The story is fast paced and tight, and the sex is super hot.  Ms. Elias draws the reader into Chosen with love, laughter and lots of ass kickin’! Enjoy.   


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