Cheer Givers and Mischief Makers by KZ Snow
Ellora’s Cave
Valentines Day / Valentine Vixens / Quickie / Paranormal
ISBN #9781419909436
Reviewed by Cassie



Mattie is angry with Ron because he didn’t like the Valentine’s Day dinner she made, but he knows she’ll love the gift he gives her.  The gift is a handmade book, telling the tale of two fae, a Cheerer (Isabelle) and a Mischief-Maker (Daniel).  In the book Mattie reads, the two fae meet and try to fulfill their contrary missions, but what happens when they feel an attraction?

Cheer Givers and Mischief Makers had a very cool set-up.  I liked the framing of the story of the two fae as a story being read by Mattie.  The devious Daniel and optimistic Isabelle were fun characters, and the initial scene between Ron and Mattie was amusing.  The characters weren’t terribly well-developed, but since it was framed as a book being read by the heroine I didn’t really expect them to be.  There were ménage scenes in the book, which I normally love, but I have to say I preferred the twosome scenes in this one, as the third character was more irritating than sexy.  KZ Snow came up with a clever idea to set the stage for this cute fairy tale.  Cheer Givers and Mischief Makers is a quick, fun read for paranormal and ménage fans.


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