Call Me Pete by Desiree Holt
ISBN: 1-60186-128-1
Reviewed by Cassie



Tracie Hill is not happy.  Her wonderful boss has just retired, and tomorrow she’s getting a new boss, who’s rumored to be a tyrant.  She’s also just had a bad breakup, and on top of everything else her pantyhose have a huge run.  She’s taking them off when a stranger appears in the office, looking for her former boss.  Before she can get rid of him and lock up, the electricity goes off, trapping them in the office!  Will she seize her chance to act out her fantasies?

After reading the blurb, I thought Call Me Pete would be just the kind of hot and spicy read I was looking for.  The sex-with-a-stranger premise was promising.  With toys, lots of varied sex scenes, and a rating of “ultra erotic,” this should have been a great read.  My problem with Call Me Pete, however, is that although the sex was incredibly hot, I couldn’t get into it.  I couldn’t get into the story because I didn’t like the characters at all.  Tracie seemed way too quick to agree to anything and everything Pete wanted to do, despite having no clue who he was.  When she found out who he really was, she acquiesced to his demands instantly.  Pete came across as a total chauvinist, throwing the “c” word around constantly and treating Tracie like an object most of the time.  I was hoping Pete would redeem himself by doing something at least slightly romantic, but at the end of the story, Pete capped it off by acting in a manner that would be considered sexual harassment in any workplace.  While I’m normally a huge fan of dirty talk and spicy sex, I didn’t enjoy this story, and I wouldn’t recommend it.


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