By Midnight by Jennah Sharpe
ISBN: 978-1-60088-109-1
Reviewed by Tanya



Adele is moving to New Hampshire to start a new job at a local newspaper, which entails writing about current local events as well as a weekly column about dream interpretation.  The house that her friend Gina sets her up with turns out to be the first big story for her.  Her house is haunted and apparently the ghost, Adam, has taken a liking to her.  She can even see him when she isnít dreaming.

Adele enlists her friend Gina and her neighbor Nicholas to help her expel him from the house.  But to do so will cause her to become intimate with Nicholas, can she handle this?

By Midnight is an interesting venture into dream interpretation, as well as spirits Ďnot moving oní until they have taken care of business.  There are quite a few sensual scenes with not only a spirit but also living humans.  This is an interesting concept in the haunted house category.  By Midnight is another good story from Jennah Sharpe.


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