Bridesmaid and the Beast by Marianne LaCroix
Ellora’s Cave
Werewolf, Multicultural
ISBN 978-1-59632-458-9
Reviewed by Sharon



Sophia and Greg are back.  After finding each other in Beast in My Bed, Sophia is still with Greg, enjoying all the benefits that come with being loved by a werewolf, especially a werewolf with a lovely British accent.  Only one thing mars her happiness – Greg has yet to bring up marriage and they’ve been together for six months.  Oh no, now Sophia’s become what she hates, a wanna-be-picket-fence-resident-with-kids, ugly-tangerine-dress-wearing bridesmaid.  And why is the bride rubbing Sophia’s married-less state in her face?

Bridesmaid and the Beast is filled with both laughs and love - sweaty, down and dirty, love.  Sophia’s my girl and I was endeared by her insecurities.  Who has not gone through similar fears when involved in a massive wedding?  I thought the bit about the engaged couple was a little silly, but Sophia and Greg are so great, so I let it go.  Although Bridesmaid and the Beast is a companion to Beast in My Bed, it can stand alone.  For a quick, sexy story filled with “ahh” moments, pick up Bridesmaid and the Beast.


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