Breeding Ground by Madeline Montague
New Concepts Publishing
Erotic Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-60394- 043-6
Reviewed by Georgia



Dr. Gabrielle LaPlante regretted signing on to work as the forensic anthropologist for the South American dig almost as soon as she arrived on site.  The natives watched her strangely, the weather sucked, and she was too much of a loner to enjoy the cramped quarters.  Yet the worst was when she somehow wound up trapped in a temple for what appeared to be a fertility god, especially when she has a wet dream about said god!

Anka felt her as soon as she neared his resting place, the forced slumber broken by some unnamed feeling when she was near.  Engineering her visit to his temple, Anka cannot resist the beautiful woman.  He follows her home to bestow upon her the greatest privilege…bearing his child.  But first he needs a human body.  Will he be able to find one that pleases his chosen?

Breeding Ground is an interesting tale.  Gabrielle is a modern woman with a lot of baggage from her past.  Her struggles as an orphan and her subsequent decision to “become” someone have made her the special woman that she is.  Anka recognizes the goodness in this foreign woman and wants her as his own, to be the bearer of his child.  Yet he soon discovers that while he’s slumbered, many things have changed.  The sexual encounters are sizzling hot and because of Anka’s search to “find” a pleasing body for Gabrielle, interesting, to say the least.  Although I enjoyed getting to know these two and their idiosyncrasies, I did often wonder why Gabrielle continued in her strange relationship with Anka.  Ms. Montague will make you sit up and take notice as Gabrielle pieces together the past in order to realize what she truly wants from Anka.


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