Blind Date by Selena Kitt
StarDust Press
Mythology / Contemporary
Reviewed by Cassie



Annie Thanos is tired of her sistersí attempts to fix her up.  She escapes from one of their fix-up parties by hiding in the dark kitchen, only to discover a man sitting under the table in the dark.  She feels an almost instant connection to Eric, even though he wonít let her turn on the light and see him.  After a wild lovemaking session on the table, she agrees to go home with him without ever turning on the light.  Her sisters convince her she needs to see him, however, so she breaks her promise.  He gets angry and leaves.  Will she be able to find him again?

Blind Date is a difficult story to describe.  What begins, as an odd but relatively normal story quickly becomes a bizarre journey through Greek mythology.  Annieís near-obsession with finding Eric leads her to his mother, Dita, who sends Annie on several increasingly strange and difficult quest-like errands.  I was enthralled throughout the middle of the book as the quests unfolded.  Annie starts out as a rather selfish, stuck-up woman but slowly becomes a bit more mature as she goes through the trials Dita puts her through.  Unfortunately, Eric isnít as well developed.  While he seemed like a good enough guy, I couldnít really see why Annie would be so obsessed.  After the quests ended, Selena Kitt never explained all the weird events of the middle section.  I also thought Annieís revelation of why she was looking for Eric was a real letdown.  Still, despite the weak ending, Annieís quest through Greek mythology is interesting enough for me to recommend this one to any mythology buffs out there.


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