Blackberry Pie by Bonnie Dee
A Midsummer Nightís Steam story
Samhain Publishing
Erotic Historical
ISBN: 1-59998-595-0
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Reverend Nathan Andrews is a new graduate of the seminary.  Taking his first assignment as a minister to a mountain community in the Appalachian Mountains, he spends his days traveling around the mountain meeting his church members.  On one such day, Nathan is stunned to come across an earthy beauty named Grace picking blackberries.  No matter that he prides himself on his ability to remain chaste, Nathan suddenly wants this stunningly beautiful woman with every beat of his heart and if her eyes are telling the truth, she wants him just as much. 

Achingly poignant: if I had to describe Blackberry Pie, I would use those two words.  Achingly: because Nathan was a man of God, but a man first and foremost.  Poignant: because a relationship between a preacher and a simple country girl would have been frowned upon during the time period Blackberry Pie took place.  Nathanís inability to stop thinking about Grace made me smile.  Graceís simple, yet completely accurate outlook on love and life was almost prophetic. 

Bonnie Dee got me right in the heart with Blackberry Pie and I thought about this book for hours after reading it.  It was earthy, it was sensual, and I adored every word.


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