Black Star Stowaway by Markeeta Karland
Black Star Series, Book 2
Changeling Press
Futuristic, Sci-Fi
ISBN: 978-1-59596-628-5
Reviewed by Niniri



Phoebe narrowly escaped a sectarian religious cult that's well known for their tyrannical rule over the space stations under their control and the lives of those unfortunate enough to have been indoctrinated or raised among their numbers. 

After a decade as little more than a slave, she's done with any man having that kind of control over her body and soul ever again.

She sneaks aboard the Black Star during a routine stop and is discovered by Captain Singh, whom she discovers to be very different from the men who ruled her life in the past.  He's gentle, considerate and they're drawn to one another with a passion that scares both of themóbut there's one thing in the way of their happiness: The "Hand of God" cult.  They don't like loosing members of their flock, and even the might of the Black Star may not be enough to safeguard her chance at happiness...

I thoroughly enjoyed the sequel to Black Star Princess, and found Ms. Karland's new installment to be an enjoyable tale in its own right.  Phoebe is spunky and smart.  Surviving in the cult was no mean feat, yet she manages to land on her feet and find a place for herself in an unfamiliar setting.  I enjoyed seeing her find well-deserved happiness and companionship in the arms of Damon Singh. 

Black Star Stowaway left me with a definite sense of satisfaction and will be a story I will enjoy re-reading in anticipation of the next episode in the Black Star series.


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