Believe It or Not by Willa Okati
Brotherhood, Book 12
Loose Id
LGBT Paranormal / BDSM
ISBN: 978-1-59632-462-6
Reviewed by Shannon



Harrison is the skeptic among the Brotherhood. He wonít believe in anything he canít see or feel with his own senses. Harrison is a well-respected sociology and cultural anthropology instructor, and he takes great pride in debunking myths. It gives him a lot of enemies, but Harrison really doesnít care. He is intrigued, though, by his latest challenge.

Martin has been amused by Harrisonís claim that magic isnít real. Martin knows differently, heís an honest-to-God Magician and has been for centuries. Heís tied to Amour Magique by an intricate set of spells, and in order to prove Harrison wrong, he has to lure the man into his territory.

Harrison and Martin are undeniably attracted to each other. Thereís something strong that bonds them together, and theyíll need every bit of their faith to make it through their bonding. In Harrisonís dreams there is another world, one that he canít remember, and glimpses of his past that he doesnít understand. Things are getting complicated, and thereís only one man that can help him now Ė Martin.

Believe It or Not is another incredible addition to the Brotherhood series. Harrison and Martin at first seem like complete and utter opposites. But, delve deep beneath the surface and they are perfect for each other. The sex is incredible; the characters are realistic and Believe It or Not delivers on every front. I couldnít stop smiling throughout, Martin kept me on my toes and the secondary characters added yet another layer of amusement and intricacy.

Believe It or Not contains a number of hints for the next addition to the Brotherhood and Iím practically salivating to find out how everything is going to work out for Liam. Willa Okati is fast creating one of my favorite series. Each story tells such a compelling and unique tale. I canít get enough of the Brotherhood.


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