Bedposts and Broomsticks by Mike Shade, Renee Manley, and Sean Michael
Torquere Press
Gay Anthology
Reviewed by Cassie



Want, Love, Need by Mike Shade

Warrior Eoan is annoyed to be saddled with magician Daniel, at least at first.  After they journey together, he begins to find himself attracted to the magician.  What will happen if they succumb to the attraction?

Want, Love, Need is a story with a lot of spice.  When Daniel and Eoan initially give in to their attraction, Eoanís uncertainty is sweet.  Unfortunately, although the story is sweet and has a great deal of sex, there isnít all that much character development or plot to back it up. 


The Haunted Glen by Renee Manley

Village bachelor Irwin Blythe entertains the children with tales of the haunted glen.  A place locals have long speculated about.  Yves Milford, the butcherís son, discovers that Irwin knows the secret of the glen, a secret he too will one day learnÖ

The Haunted Glen initially focused on Irwin, and later switched to Yves.  It was an interesting story, with good atmosphere and lovely writing, but I didnít find it particularly romantic.  The secret of the glen turned out to be sad (and maybe a bit creepy), and the ending of the story didnít strike me as very happy.


Three Come Together by Sean Michael

Human Sorsha wants to figure out a way for humans and supernatural creatures to live in harmony with each other rather than fighting, so he spends a great deal of time in a hidden library, reading and thinking.  When heís leaving, he literally runs into a strange, distracted sorcerer, Valyki.  Valyki accidentally takes Sorsha home with him, where his brother, Cerus is waiting.  The two brothers are very attracted to Sorsha, but fraternizing with humans is forbidden.  Will they take the risk?

Three Come Together had the most potential of the three stories in this anthology.  Sorsha, Val, and Cerus were all fascinating characters, and the world they live in was treacherous and exotic.  I enjoyed the story, but I really wanted more!  By the time the story ended, I felt as if Iíd barely scratched the surface of what was going on.


Bedposts and Broomsticks was an interesting anthology with a lot of magic, but each of the stories seemed as if it needed more back story to truly tell the tale.  If you like magic and want a quick way to check out these authors, you might enjoy this anthology.  Otherwise, pick up another one of the works of these three authors.


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