Barbarian Mate by LA Day
Ellora’s Cave
Light Bondage / Fantasy
ISBN #9781419909856
Reviewed by Cassie



Eliza is a member of the Liberian coven, an all-woman group of witches who believe men only have one use.  She’s on a mission to “gather seed” from barbarian Bruton, by any means necessary.  She must have sex with him and then leave, but Bruton has other ideas.  Will he be able to convince her to stay with him?

Barbarian Mate delivers exactly what it promises.  Bruton is a strong, sexy, alpha barbarian with an unexpectedly sweet and tender side.  Eliza is stubborn and feisty.  The sex scenes are spicy, and there’s a bit of very light bondage.  LA Day did a good job of making her characters both strong enough to be a good match for each other.  Generally I’m not a big fan of forced seduction scenarios, but Bruton’s obvious caring for Eliza made this one an entertaining read. 


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