Bad Boys With Red Roses by Janelle Denison,
Tina Donahue and Sharon Cullars
Contemporary Romance Anthology
ISBN 0-7582-0936-3
Reviewed by Amelia



Still Mr. and Mrs. by Janelle Denison

Rachel Hudson and Luke Kincaid fell in love while attending high school in Las Vegas. On a whim one night, they decided to get married in one of Vegas’ many chapels. Even though the two loved each other very much, Rachel’s controlling father didn’t take kindly to the marriage. He arranged for an annulment and moved the family to New York City.

Eight years later, Rachel is back in Vegas to tell Luke that their annulment was never filed, and that they’re still married. She’s brought papers for him to sign, which he says he will do. After Rachel spends the weekend with him.

Still Mr. and Mrs. is an erotic tale of two lovers torn apart, and coming back together again. I loved both Rachel and Luke and the combustible way they fit together. This story is scorching hot, and a very entertaining read.


Tempt Me, Tease Me, Thrill Me by Tina Donahue

Cait Campbell is a lawyer who is about to be appointed as a judge. As part of a charity event, she is also about to be auctioned off for a date with the highest bidder. Det. Sean Logan spent one night with Cait  after his brother’s wedding to her cousin, then she slipped away.

Sean doesn’t want Cait to slip away this time. He attends the auction and wins his date with Cait. But he makes her wait two weeks, building up the tension between the two of them. Will they have another one night stand, or will they decide that they love each other, and want to stay together?

Tempt Me, Tease Me, Thrill Me certainly lives up to its name. The tension between Cait and Sean is strong, but at times I became more than a little annoyed with the angst between them and Cait’s failure to really see Sean.

But the ending of the story absolutely thrilled me and made me laugh out loud, causing my frustration to disappear. This is a fun tale that readers will want to follow to its satisfying conclusion.


The Invitation by Sharon Cullars

Defense attorney Jeralyn gets a strange package one day. An invitation to an “event,” accompanied by a single red rose. When a man calls to see if she’ll be attending, she tells him no. That invitation opens a world that Jeralyn has forgotten. That world includes a past where her parents were killed in a house fire, and Jeralyn was involved with two brothers, Adrian and Amil.

Jeralyn is not sure she wants to remember the past, but Amil is determined that she will, and that she will die because of it. And Adrian is bound and determined to save her.


Utterly original and completely engrossing, The Invitation delves into a woman’s past and the way that it intrudes on her present. I was drawn in from page one, and couldn’t let go. The characters are beautifully written, and the story crafted in a manner as to keep the reader entranced. Once again, Sharon Cullars has trilled me with a story of love, deception and redemption. I highly advise reading this tale.


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