Assignment by Nina Nash
Valentine Vixens
Ellora’s Cave
Valentine Vixens / Quickie / Paranormal
ISBN: 1-4199-0804-0
Reviewed by Jo



Aphrodite has sent Diana on another assignment.  This time she needs to help Kate and Trevor come together in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Diana believes this will be an easy job, just a small push here and a nudge there.  Diana is well on the way to completing her assignment when she discovers that another from her realm is with Trevor.  Diana, knows this is unusual, but just assumes it is to help.  Art is on earth and he does have an assignment. However, his assignment is not an everyday one and one of the most important he has ever taken on.  When Diana and Art are together the gods and goddesses have only one thing in mind – will it help or hinder the completion of their assignments?

Assignment is fun and cute.  When Aphrodite sends her gods and goddess on an assignment – you don’t question you just do.  Diana goes on what she believes will be an easy gig only to discover another god already on the scene.  Art has his own reason to be on earth right now.  Diana sees no reason to not follow her needs and wants with Art – after all they are from the realm of love.  Art and Diana discover along the way that love can be more than just something humans know.  Assignment had me smiling more then once, and I found it had just enough heat to keep me turning the pages.


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