Arm Charm by Doreen Lewis
Contemporary Romance
ISBN 1-60186-147-8
Reviewed by Rosemary



Rena Sutherlandís life crumbles as she listens to her husband of thirty years confess to having an affair with a younger woman and then leaves.  Rena is forced to make a new start and accept living alone.  She meets Eddy Alexander when they have a minor car accident.  Eddy is very much attracted to Rena and takes every opportunity to win her affections.  Rena realizes that Eddy is offering her a second chance at love. 

Divorce and all the uncertainties that evolve are illustrated in Arm Charm.  Doreen Lewis relates the emotional impact starting over has on Rena who is a stay at home wife to the mayor, with no job skills.  Eddy is a gentleman who has no problem with Rena being her own woman, proving to her that she is more than a manís Arm Charm.


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