Another Man’s Wife by Denyse Bridger
Samhain Publishing
Historical Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-500-4
Reviewed by Indy



Elizabeth Davis started her trip to Wyoming a married woman heading toward the man she married. Being married does not stop her uncontrollable interest in the other remaining lone rider, Chris McQuade. A calm man who sees everything there is. Something about the dark chocolate of his eyes beckons to the woman heading towards a man who is more a stranger than husband. When ambushes by a group of outlaws leave Elizabeth and Chris with only the clothing on their backs and the horses they’re able to commandeer, things head south quickly. Ties are forgotten as Elizabeth and Chris fall prey to ever growing emotions. Elizabeth’s husband isn’t able to forget too easily when he finds his wife with the man who’s come to bring him to justice.

Historical romances will always have a place in my evolving perverted heart. These are the books I cut my romantic teeth on as a teenager sneaking to read my mother’s books. In Another Man’s Wife, we are given the typical plot of good guy, bad guy and damsel in distress. Only difference is this damsel might look sweet but she’s not afraid to fight for her own survival. I actually loved how Denyse Bridger provided a heroine who wasn’t simpering on the ground waiting to be saved. Her ability to ensure she was a help, not a hindrance to the sexy lawman Chris added a touch to this story that made it enjoyable and a pleasure to read. I think people who enjoy a basic romance that remains true to the good guy/bad guy theme will find this historical enjoyable. 


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