Angels And Deceivers by Philippa Grey-Gerou
Liquid Silver Books
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 1-59578-252-4
Reviewed by Maria Duncan



Aaron Pierce is a jaded private detective, called in to find a missing heiress.  While investigating, he encounters the missing girl’s best friend, Fay Sexton.  An immediate attraction blooms between them.  Aaron tries to push her aside so he can focus on his job, but wealthy socialite Fay isn’t having any of it.  As the investigation comes to a head, Aaron has to decide whether he can trust Fay or not, but rational thinking is impossible once he gives in to the scorching passion.

I really liked Angels and Deceivers.  It was an unusual read for me, mainly because it is told completely from the hero, Aaron’s point of view.  Aaron’s past demons come into play, making him a deliciously moody, haunted character.  Fay is his antithesis -- fun-loving and rich.  But through their affair, we discover that she’s fed up with her materialistic lifestyle.  Both characters are likeable, and the sexual tension is hot.  Besides the great romance, there is an intriguing mystery plot.  I read Angels and Deceivers in one sitting, and definitely enjoyed it.


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